Deoria diagnostic centre.

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SNMC Hospital is a tertian care hospital with all predominance and super predominance under one roof performing an exhaustive range of diagnostic, therapeutic and interventional processes. Star Neuro Maternity Centre is well-behaved to interrogate, or diagnostic and physiatrist medical predominance conjugation. Neurologists can also be concerned with the clinical analysis, clinical trials, and underlying or translational analysis. Whereas neurology could be nonsurgical characteristics, its corresponding surgical characteristic is operation, and within the class specialist & specialist Doctors within the Deoria. Hospital conjointly has Pharmacy & Diagnostic comfort in Deoria.

SNMC is an initiative by experienced medical professionals towards honest healthcare to deliver “ Delivering high-Quality diagnostic services at an affordable price, which is accessible & reliable to all”. SNMC seeks to serve as a single access point for all diagnostic needs of the patient be it Pathological, Radiological, Molecular and Special tests. We also believe in the gnome that ‘ Preclusion is better than treatment’ thus we endue a range of interdictory healthcare packages at very affordable prices from the best hospital of the Deoria.

SNMC value affordability but we give utmost importance to the quality of Diagnostic Services being offered by our hospital. Towards this objective, every hospital on the SNMC portal is vetted by a team of Medical Professionals. Not only this, we continuously seek Patient’s feedback to add a new hospital to our portal and remove those where the quality of services found to be wanting.

Services Provided by Diagnostics Centre:- 1) Ultrasound. 2) Digital X-Ray. 3) Pathology. 4) ECG. 5) EEG. 6) NCV. 7) MRI. 8) C.T.G.

Besides Honesty, Affordability and Quality services, SNMC is committed to improving the Diagnostic experience for the Patients. Thus, we have made access to information easier and booking for hospital tests handy. A patient can compare the cost, see the distance of hospital from them, check of lab timings and reviews by the fellow Patients. We strive hard to endue hassle-free and seamless experience, thus seek your continuous feedback to further ameliorate our services.